Cocoa is produced by globally more than 5 million families on mostly small plantations. 70% of the world cocoa harvest is produced in West Africa. Adjusted for inflation, the cocoa price has decreased over the last centuries, accompanied by significant fluctuations, which is one reason why a large part of the farmers is living in poverty. The combination of low incomes and the resulting poor economic situation is the main reason of child labor, which is common and widespread in cocoa production. SÜDWIND is concerned with the question of how to improve this situation since 2009. In order to find solutions, studies are published and conferences are organized. Besides that SÜDWIND is represented in several confederations and stakeholder panels.


Les efforts de durabilité dans le secteur du cacao sont actuelle­ment confrontés à des défis majeurs. Depuis septembre 2016, le prix du cacao a chuté massivement, passant d’un peu moins de 3.000 USD à environ 1.900 USD la tonne fin juin 2017, avec un impact direct sur les revenus des agriculteurs.


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