Department of Global Economy and Human Rights

The globalized economy and its (de-)regulation systems are influencing the living conditions of people worldwide. Human rights violations can be revealed in different locations along global value chains, for instance at existence-disrupting raw material extraction or at harmful production conditions.  
Within the framework of the one-world promoter program of the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia the department of global society and human rights was set up. The department’s mission is to show up structures of the global economy that are currently violating human rights and consequently to provide potential solutions to those nuisances. This mission is going to be accomplished via educational activity and the teaching of multipliers, as well as networking and the development and publication of action-proposals.



Trade and investment protection agreements facilitate business enterprises’ access to markets and raw materials, and protect investor interests with enforceable rights. Although human rights are a cornerstone of international law, so far there are only voluntary guidelines to safeguard them within the activities of global enterprises. This needs to change; human rights need a mandatory commitment. This is where the “UN treaty process” comes in. It offers the chance for binding international regulation of global business.


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