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Great Expectations. Credibility and Additionality of Green Bonds

Scientists‘ warnings that the impacts of climate change will be a disaster are becoming more and more urgent. The calculations for the volume of capital that will be needed to change course towards a more socially and environmentally sustainable way of doing business are on the table. There is agreement that this capital will mainly need to come from private investors. Green bonds are a beacon of hope. The demand for these bonds, which are used to finance sustainable projects, far exceeds the supply. However, are these green bonds really as green as they maintain they are and do they really produce additional funding for sustainable projects? This study looks at both these questions and develops a proposal for a way to increase the impact of green bonds. Green Bonds Project List

Year of publication: 2018
Article number: 2018-40
Number of pages: 48
Author:  Antje Schneeweiß